Farewell to notch iPhone X: Apple wanted an infinite screen

The new design of Apple's iPhone X has left no one indifferent. The controversial "notch" located in the upper front part of the terminal likes some users but has been criticized by many others.

If you do not like the notch of the iPhone X, you're in luck, because apparently, Apple would be planning to withdraw the design notch of their future iPhone in favor of a large, elegant and spectacular "Infinity" screen.

Recently, at the beginning of February in particular, we discovered that the company of the bitten apple was thinking about reducing the size of the iPhone notch in 2019. But it is rumored that Apple is developing new ways to improve 3D sensors and camera modules front to get rid of once and for all the controversial "ears" of the iPhone X.

In fact, the technology that allows implement the hardware without using a framework in the upper front could come much sooner than we expect and be present in the iPhone 6.1 inches with 4 GB of RAM and the dual battery that Apple would present in 2018. Although it should be noted that it is unlikely.

Will Apple forget the controversial "ears" of the iPhone X?

Apple is looking for another strategy that allows the company to differentiate itself from Chinese manufacturers that mimic the design of its new terminals year after year.

According to the rumors of the mobile industry, Apple is preparing an infinite screen without the design of the upper frame for their new iPhone. This screen would be based on OLED technology and is expected to be applied to the 2019 smartphones.

"Apple has decided to get rid of the design of the notch starting with the models of 2019 and is already looking for solutions with relevant companies."

While Apple is already thinking of other methods to incorporate the 3D sensors of its facial recognition technology without the use of a notch, Samsung has patented design with holes in the OLED screen of its terminals to avoid placing frames.

The OLED screen of the 2019 iPhone will cover the entire front of the devices. But how will Apple implement its front cameras? Well, like the Samsung patent. It is speculated that it will be possible to make holes in the device in which to place hardware such as camera modules and 3D sensors.

As far as today, Apple is expected to present three iPhone models in 2018: a 5.8-inch iPhone with OLED screen, a 6.1-inch iPhone with LCD screen and a 6.5-inch iPhone with screen OLED.

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